Popular Commerce Trends of 2019

Popular commerce trends of 2019
Priya SEO Analyst

One more year passed away and now we are looking forward to how the upcoming year will turn out for the eCommerce world. Among all the assumptions and presumptions, here is our list of major eCommerce trends that will carry your commerce business on heights in 2019 in a full-fledged motion. By noticing how these trends have made their prominent places we have put forward a few important lists of the trends that will be a hit in 2019 commence world.  

1- Digital Payment Options

It is known that many potential customers abandoned their shopping cart just because they don’t find the payment method or payment channels which suits them best. Improved digital payment method and adding newer modes that have minimum hassles for the customers have been a hot topic till now. In the upcoming year, in ecommerce, these payment methods have a major chance to get modified so that people can checkout smoothly.

Mobile POS is one of those payment trends that will suit best in 2019, and also, usage of digital currency, e-wallet and in-store mobile payment apps will also be a trend to gain potential customers and reduce the shopping cart abandon.

2- Content Marketing

Content marketing is one such strategy that is not going out of style for a very long time. Customers are getting more observant and aware with each day moves on. Users are no longer interested to spend their money unwonted. Customers want to know about the product details vividly. So content marketing is the best option to project your product than any other means. This is a foolproof method to attract the customers by providing as much as information about the product

A simple blog cannot attain much attention in the future. A blog which contains a 3D demonstration of the product description is another level of content marketing which can attract more users.

3- Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Another popular trend in 2018 that carry on in 2019 is Augmented reality and Virtual Reality. This is the advanced form of artificial intelligence which can create a major breakthrough in the ecommerce industry. Augmented reality is used for visualizing products in 4D projections like holograms. This helps the buyers to decide easily if they are choosing furniture, clothing items etc. Ecommerce giants like IKEA, DIGIday Houzz gives their customers a near reality experience.

To stand out from the crowd, start thinking about incorporating augmented reality and virtual reality in your ecommerce platform.

4- Voice Search

Voice search is another element which should be included in ecommerce platforms in this era. Search should b always simplified as much as possible. Nowadays voice search is not restricted to Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Corona or Apple’s Siri. Many commerce platforms are trying to merge voice search algorithms for providing a better user experience. Users can simply input their search query in terms of voice and the results will be put forth immediately. An ecommerce website which is incorporated with AR, VR and Voice Search will really lift your business into next level.

5- Multi Channel Selling

Ultimately the aim of each seller is to increase their sales irrespective of channels. Sticking to a single channel will not be allowed to earn you more. Day by day new startups are shooting in the ecommerce industry if you want to see the consistent success rate, you should expand your selling in multiple channels. This can increase your conversion rates and brings you success.

Expanding your business to b2c platforms through multiple channels like drop shipping companies, aliexpress, doba etc

It is like a “tit for a tat” scenario, scenario, here both the vendors and drop shipping companies get benefited. Drop shippers do not want to maintain separate inventory or warehouse and also vendors do not want to spend extra on advertising, plus they are getting additional sales channel and better conversion ratio.


All these trends are going to take the ecommerce world by storm. Each trend has their own point of uniqueness and strength to uplift the performance of eCommerce industries. Using all those trends wisely can bring growth in abundance. With this, we are ending our list on major ecommerce trend which you can use in 2019. To know more on multi vendor ecommerce platform, reach us.