How voice search revolutionizes the E-commerce industry?

How voice search revolutionizes the E-commerce industry?
Aswathy Blogger

We live in an exciting time of innovation and progress, and even in terms of technology and commerce. When it comes to voice search, the launch of products has embraced a new way of communication. Few are
  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Cortana by Microsoft
  • Samsung’s Bixby and 
  • Apple’s Siri 
Going a step further, It is a sure thing that e-commerce will be a refined industry to meet all our needs and preferences. Know more about voice search features that are going to transform e-commerce businesses and how can it be utilized. 

Is is really important?

Yes, it is. 

According to Think with Google reports, 72% of people who use voice-activated devices say that these are a part of their daily routine.

Voice search is one of the growing digital marketing trends and more than half of the users use voice-enabled technology to find information about products easily. Not only websites, integrating voice search in mobile apps helps in enhancing the user experience.
Another fact you might not know is that 20% of all mobile searches are voice search. And since 2013, voice search queries have been on the rise. 

How are brands making use of voice search?

One of the most novel ways to improve customer experience is to make use of the voice search.
With voice technology, brands will change from being entirely visual. 

It is quicker and efficient than typing. These are getting more important to brands and are used with immense marketing strategies based on voice search. 

Companies in e-commerce are about to invest heavily in voice technology for better safety and utility. It also became a tool for customer engagement and improved personalized experiences. 

Does it increase the security of shopping online?

Security is indeed a very important piece of user experience when it comes to online shopping.

We constantly enter our most sensitive, private information with brands to make a purchase from them, such as our credit card information, physical address as well as more details of our own. Using a voice can prevent any security leaks and issues. This will make users feel safer to buy online knowing that no one can make a purchase without your authentic voice and come back to your store for more. This is a sign of 

Is voice search a feature or game-changer?

Voice-driven user actions

Moving from typing on large keyboards to recognizing your voice, E-commerce has stepped up their game in marketing themselves. The role this feature plays in giving out accurate data, information and for performing quick searches. 

A recent study of Word count found that an average person can type around 35 words per minute. On another note, a person can speak approximately 100-130 words per minute. This implies that people can find information much faster by voice search. Furthermore, 43% of the voice search users say that they use voice search because it is easier for them to find the information what they are looking for.

The future of E-commerce

According to the report, over 67% of the millennials and 56% of Gen Xers prefer shopping online. A rate of more than 20% growth has been seen in voice-based orders. Search-based shopping is predicted to jump to $40 Billion in 2022. Predictions show that by 2021, brands will redesign their websites to support voice and visual search.

Voice-based SEO will be the future and would experience an industry-changing scenario with more voice innovations.

Not just a voice search; but an intelligent way

The trouble of holding your mobile or typing on your keyboard can be avoided and can complete your product search hands free without any interruption. In e-commerce, one can use voice control for shopping, for adding personal details, delivery details, payment methods, and other preferences on the app. There are lots of eCommerce software available in the market, which can come up with latest features.

In short, voice searches will rule the tech sphere and drive the e-commerce industry forward for the coming years.