Unlocking the business challenges with Laravel Ecommerce

A brief description into how a multi-service ecommerce platform launched using our intuitive ideas.

Executive Summary

A startup needs an ecommerce platform (Online Grocery System) along with an online booking system for services like pest-control center, laundry etc by using Laravel Ecommerce – shopping cart platform.

Client Objectives

The startup has a key requirement that their platform should serve as an online grocery portal and also as an online booking portal for services (pest-control center, laundry, packers etc). Since each module has different functionality, it has to be integrated as on-demand platform and schedule booking system.

Additionally, they requested for an extensive admin and vendor panel that would list out all the insights and sales report.

They ultimately need an online application which simplifies the business process and provides a user friendly multi-service provider platform.


  • Online service booking system based on timing or schedules
  • User registration & verification using “Twilio” SMS gateway.
  • Internal messaging or chat system between user and seller
  • Razorpay payment gateway integration
  • Referral program
  • “Pay at Store” – the users can directly pay at store for their purchase
  • “Complaints” – web-admin can manage the disputes if any buyers raise complaints against a seller


With Laravel Ecommerce, the startup can address their potential audience under a single platform. The solutions provided by us are the fundamental factors which let them to servicing the users. Their business can carry-out their operations in a seamless way to capture the market.

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