Laravel Ecommerce – A foundation of successful B2B platform

Executive Summary

With the deep insights to launch a complete B2B marketplace, the startup approached Laravel Ecommerce.

Client Objectives

The startup’s main objective was to customize the Laravel Ecommerce – multi vendor marketplace platform to a B2B marketplace platform. Especially, they requested for a customized store-front for sellers as well as service-providers along with product category. They choose subscription module (for vendors) and advertisement module as revenue models. The advertisement module is not restricted to vendors alone; other 3rd party sellers can also run ads in their platform.

They also asks for external payment gateway integration, enhanced customer and vendor login options, embedded YouTube videos, product bulk upload, micro-site URL, active/inactive option for sellers and advertisers, location and zip code search.


Serving to their key requirements, Laravel Ecommerce brought in all the features which they mentioned in the requirement remarkably.

  • Showcase the products and store based on the location or pin-code search
  • SEO-friendly micro-site URL for each store
  • Sellers or advertisers can control (on/off) the “buy” option
  • Product bulk upload option for vendors and website admin
  • Embedded YouTube videos for the stores
  • Enhanced login options for customers and vendors using their mobile number and email
  • CCAvenue payment gateway integration
  • Various subscription plans for vendors and advertisers
  • Product category section on each store front


By implementing numerous features Laravel Ecommerce helps the startup to immensely grab the market. The statistics and insights shared by our domain expertise make them to adorn their ecommerce platform to yield best results.

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