Top 5 Ecommerce Marketing Techniques for your Ecommerce Platform

Top 5 Ecommerce Marketing Techniques for your Ecommerce Platform
Rajesh Sales Head

Are you thinking about how to increase your sales in 2018? Even if it’s a small business or a big one, you have to sketch a small action-plan of how to boost your online store furthermore.

To help you out we will give some key points to shape your ecommerce business in 2018.

Go native and grow globally

Have you ever noticed that users are becoming selective when they come shopping online?

A large number of creepy tricks are used by the advertisers to impress their users with low-quality contents, prank-images and lots of spam ads made the online shoppers hate ads and become ad-resisters.  Especially millennial’s become blind when they find any kind of promotional ads.

It clearly shows that you should change your advertising efforts towards native advertising which is also called gateway drug to content marketing. This compiles your store functionality for the people of all ages.

Give a personal touch

We know that today’s media world is continually white noise as “we-are-the-best”.  But are you sure that these kinds of hissing do make any sense? Absolutely not, you won’t believe that even if it’s “a-best-one”.

Here comes the art of personalization. It’s one of the best marketing strategies for the online store to seize the attention of their buyers. By simply target the right amount of content to your right audience can pull down your competition. Creating and promoting personalized content is the best way to conquer the market.

Try to be Mobile-First

As per Zenith ROI agency, already 68% of mobile internet users increased in last year and it’s expected that it will reach 80% by the end of 2018. Is it an awesome thing, right?

It clearly tells that, if you are planning annual marketing plan you should focus on the mobile platform also. As I said, try to be in the mobile-first index, mobile friendly and mobile responsiveness become outdated today. Google is started to index in mobile devices and it reflects in SERP.

So focused on mobile-first rather than responsive and offers a hassle-free platform for the users to experience a wonderful shopping experience.

Concentrate sales on social media

It’s for a long time the social media platform rules the internet. Posts, like, tweets, shares etc. It shows that there is no end to the current self-centered outbreak. That’s why many online stores extend their platforms to various social media platform to boost their sales and build their brand reputation.

Studies say that common people are very obsessed with these social media platform which encourages more sales globally.

Chat with bots

We all are familiar with chat applications like whatsapp, wechat, viber etc. Communications become simple through these applications. So a few years back, every business uses the same idea, to chat with customers in live. This really made a revolution in marketing sector and many applications rolled out to provide the service called “Live Chat”, it eliminates the communication gap and boosts the sales.

But in 2018, live chat also outdated.  The invasion of AI replaces the humans with a robot in chat rooms and named as chatbots!


Laravel Ecommerce – multi vendor ecommerce software is currently preparing a new cool tool that will help you to enter the era of conversational commerce this year. Stay tuned!