User Experience plays a major role to bring more conversions in your online store. Our e-commerce software has user-friendly design which gives each customer a unique and repeated shopping experience. 100% usability is ensured through-out each component of your online store.

Product Quick View

A perfect eCommerce website should decrease the time it takes to purchase the products. By having “product quick view” features, your online store can reduce many clicks and help end-users to complete their shopping with a very few clicks. It’s one of the conversion techniques which help to generate a repeated purchase.

Storefront listing

An eCommerce website becomes more user-friendly if a customer can view the list of the storefront. Our eCommerce software’s “storefront listings” creates a trust factor among the customers while seeing the storefront lists.

Nearby Store

Have you ever think that what happens if an e-commerce store shows the list of nearby Store? Laravel Ecommerce “Nearby Store” feature help to find the nearest store based on admin default location.

Social Logins

In general website, visitor's really preferred a simple and convenient way for logging into sites, and social accounts like Facebook makes a better way for this purpose. This is one of the efficient methods to boost conversions by giving personalized shopping experience and helps to reduce the cart abandonment.

Specification filters

Usually in e-commerce websites specification filter plays a major role, since customers are interested in filtering a product list across category-specific attributes users to browse the specific product. Filtering experience is a fundamental part of the product browsing experience; it improves conversion and reduces the cart abandonment.

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