Everyone looks for conversion rate optimization techniques to boost the sales. In ecommerce there exists n’ number of CRO methods, but always use the conversion tools which will working for your business.

Ratings and Reviews

As like user testimonials ratings and reviews plays a vital role. This is also a trust-building factor for e-commerce websites which boost the overall sales and conversions.

Promotions and Discounts

Our eCommerce software offers a variety of promotion options to attract and retain customers to your e-commerce site. Admin can run various promotions like coupon-code offers, discounts, offer deals etc.

Wish list

Wish list is an easy way to remind a product in which a user shows interest to buy it, but not immediately. It’s known that only a returning user will add products in their wish list with intent to buy it later.

Wish list reduces the cart abandonment, by allowing the users to save their desired product in a separate list.

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