Why Start an Ecommerce Platform Now: The Growth of E-commerce Platform

Why Start an Ecommerce Platform Now: The Growth of E-commerce Platform
Kiruthika Blogger

The scale of growth in ecommerce platform is tremendous over the past decade. We cannot deny this growth has made the online marketplaces and the ecommerce a part of people’s lives. When we think of ecommerce platform, we all tell one answer and that will be Amazon. But today other than Amazon and other big players in the market, there are several other small players who have captured the ecommerce platform. The rapid growth in the industry proves the potential future growth for ecommerce software and platform. One of the main and important reasons for this unprecedented growth in ecommerce platform is the addiction of people shopping with the full comfort zone.

People from all age groups, be it children, millennial, or the old people shop online from a different ecommerce platform. Through the ecommerce software, people can sit and relax having various ecommerce websites to find anything they want and buy it instantly. The rate of online shopping is growing beyond measure and beyond anyone would have ever imagined. By 2020, the hike is around will be 200% as a ratio from 2014. For attaining growth in the e-commerce platform, it is essential for any businessmen to be aware of the ecommerce trends. Having a fully developed website, and fully functional mobile app is very necessary for an escalating boom in the ecommerce business. Even though ecommerce is in trend, most of us are aware only of business to consumer ecommerce platform. Nevertheless, the types of ecommerce platform one can get into are:

  • Business to Business

  • Business to Consumer

  • Consumer to Consumer (Ex: YouTube)

  • Consumer to Business

  • Business to Administration

  • Consumer to Administration

Some major trends which are globally growing trends in the ecommerce trends are:

Mobilized Shopping Strategy

To match the requirements of the people, keeping update about the technology is very important. Having a strong online presence is very vital when people shop and make payments via mobile phone. This compels the companies to manage mobilized shopping.

Vertical E-Commerce

In vertical e-commerce, companies think from the user’s point of perspective. Vertical e-commerce provides users with coupons, discounts, new offers, etc. Through this, the chances of vertical e-commerce earning higher profits are more compared to the horizontal ecommerce industry. In forthcoming years the change of vertical e-commerce will change the shopping scenarios.

Shopping Videos

Videos and audios always give a better understanding of the product rather than texts. Adding the videos would double the chances of the users loving your ecommerce software and often revisiting your website, which will automatically increase the sales in e-commerce and business revenue.

Shopping With Virtual Reality

Virtual reality always adds value for awesome shopping strategy where people are going crazy with this style. One of the high investments of the e-commerce platform is creating virtual reality. Fulfill consumer demands and take care of their comfort when users visit your e-commerce software.


Walking with the latest trend will reach you success in minimal time especially when there is technological growth today.