Comparison: Ecommerce Platform vs Offline Shopping

Comparison: Ecommerce Platform vs Offline Shopping
priya marketing team

Online sales increased at an astounding rate in the past few years, yet there are a lot of people who still prefer the more hands-on “going to the store” shopping experience. There is a reason that online shopping trend is starting to take control the shopping habits of people across the globe. It brings so many advantages that physical stores are just not able to compete with.

In spite of the fact that researches say in the United States offline sales are still much higher audience than in online sales, the truth is, online sales are also growing at a much higher rate, so it is evident that it is only a matter of time or changing lifestyle before people will be shopping online much more than in traditional physical stores.

It is known that definitely there are some drawbacks to buying products online, but there exists many more advantages and benefits. In this post am going to share a few major factors why people are preferring choosing to shop online:

Better prices

In many occasions especially during weekends or festive seasons, you can find that online stores are able to offer the best prices and deals that are much lower when compared to a physical store. Many businesses will reduce their profit margins to get more customers and to boost sales, plus you are able to browse many products from different stores from a single platform in order to find the best price. eBay, Etsy,  Amazon are some of the major ecommerce players which are loved by people across the globe. These ecommerce platforms allow you to browse wide-range of products from the online store with a different price.


There is no doubt about it, online shopping is absolutely convenient for those who love to do shopping. You can shop for anything, at any time and anywhere. You don’t want to leave the house or busy working hours to get your favorite goods from the store. Above all, you don’t want to wait for the store opening time and also can save a great time by purchasing only the actual goods.


If you are shopping in the main street, obviously you are limited to the number of shops there, and the number of products that they have in stock. Online shopping allows you to browse through a large inventory that you may not be able to find in any stores, and it makes finding specific things quickly. You can compare products on various dimensions and make better decisions.

No more crowds

Of course, many people hate the shopping because of the crowd. You have to wait or to push many people to see the products and also in the billing counter also you need to maintain a long queue to finish the purchase. Additionally, parking or having kids can be a big problem, especially during a busy time such as weekends and Christmas. So with online shopping, you don’t have to worry about these issues at all.

Less compulsive

When you are at a shopping mall for a purchase at the end of shopping you can find that you have bought the things which are not on the shopping list. This can happen because of some offers or pushy salespersons. In online shopping, you can avoid this problem which will save your money in the long term.

As you know that more brands are heading online, and with platforms such as Laravel Ecommerce, you can do it quickly and efficiently, launch an effective ecommerce platform with minimum cost and time.